About Den V.

Hi, my name is Den V. and I am a student of the mystic arts as a holistic and scientific discipline.

My ventures into spirituality were initially meant as a private journey. But due to the uplifting qualities of these teachings, I chose to share some of the light to the world, so desperately needed in modern times.

Here is how it happened…

I found myself drawn to psychology, philosophy, and then into the occult. While my path was in technology, I had an urge to discover the truth. The deeper I explored the spiritual side of life, the wider I began to search.

Suddenly I became lost and confused in the depth of spiritual despair. I felt purposeless, powerless, and lifeless for the next 2 years. But as if the wings of protection has guided me, I found clarity and wisdom. With all the spiritual confusion, I hope to offer a clear insight on various topics which befuddled the minds of many spiritual seekers.

In the next 5 years, I wanted to share to the world so that they can benefit the good. But I was struggling between what to reveal and what to conceal. Will mankind truly be ready to listen? What is of real benefit to the modern world?

Honestly, the path wasn’t easy. Sometimes I fail to listen to my inner voice but I am still learning.

And on this website, and in whatever I produce, I share what helped me enjoy the life I love. Through my own personal journey, study, and experience, I aim to empower others so that people can heal, awaken, and find peace in their life.

My passion is to expand other’s awareness and empower them to transform their life.

I am not only here to learn the truth but to welcome as many companions upon the path to the light.

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The work of 2EmpowerThyself reflects my principles:

  1. Quest for Spiritual Enlightenment: The seeker is well to move towards a sense of enlightenment or self-discovery. This leads to the path to the light where love, compassion, and wisdom is highly valued.
  2. A Birds-eye approach: However personal and opinionated the content may be, it will strive in all manners toward objectivity or to express a certain truth in creative ways.
  3. Safe & Sane spirituality: Safety is our #1 priority both on our mind and body.
  4. Integrity: Uphold moral principles to never use information for power or against the truth.
  5. Simplicity: Seekers of all levels of understanding are welcome to 2EmpowerThyself.

2EmpowerThyself is a place to rediscover the ancient spiritual truths in modern times and find freedom to be your true authentic self.

The purpose behind 2EmpowerThyself is to create a site for spiritual information that stands the test of time, reason, and intuition.

Many people are starting to awaken to the spiritual reality, and they have many questions. And It is my hope that at least one person will find clarity in their life. Here at 2EmpowerThyself, I never ask my readers to take anything I say on trust but from your experience and reason.

So if what you’ve read resonates with you, I invite you to keep exploring this site by reading my articles, join my Facebook page or [thrive_2step id=’7761′]sign up for the newsletter[/thrive_2step].

All the best,
Denver V.