Truth of Indigo Children Unveiled

What are Indigo Children? Indigo children are “gifted souls on a clear mission to shift reality“. The term “indigo” comes from the aura. Indigo represent the highest state of spiritual auric field. Let’s see what qualities made this true. It is said that Indigo children: born in 1970 or after have psychic abilities are bored…


Do We Have Free Will?

Do we have free will or is our life determined? This is one of the most debated question for centuries. Is it an illusion to have free will? Are we controlled by our chemistry, physics, and genetics? Are we also determined by fate? What is Free Will? In order to answer this question we must…

proofs of reality

5 Proofs of Reality

5 Proofs of Reality How do we know what we know? How sure are we that the spiritual information we receive is true? More and more there is a growing risk of spirituality to be seen as quackery and falling into disrepute. In addition, there are a lot of people jumping onto the occult bandwagon…